‘Doctor Who’ exec Moffat teases Series 7 Part 2 stories

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In an interview in the latest issue of SFX, the writer revealed: “We’re back at the movie posters thing. No two-parters, so they’re all standalone stories. And they are all huge – there isn’t the budget-saver episode. I don’t know how we’ve done this.”

Moffat went on to provide teasers for each of the eight episodes which will make up Series 7 Part 2:

» “We have Doctor Who taking on the modern urban thriller, which is not very much like anyone else’s modern urban thriller!”

» “We’ve got your base-under-siege story in a new way.”

» “We’ve gone all-out to give you a fantastic alien planet, which is looking absolutely amazing.”

» “We’ve got a cracking ghost story, a really cracking ghost story.”

» “We’ve got Neil Gaiman doing the Cybermen – part of the impulse there was to say “Have we fully exploited the creepy factor of the Cybermen yet?” I thought Neil would be a good match for that.”

» “You’re going to see ‘Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS’, with more of the TARDIS than you’ve ever seen before.”

» “We’ve got Diana Rigg and junior Diana Rigg in an absolutely mental story by Mark Gatiss – all period drama will pale next to this monstrosity of nonsense! It’s absolutely glorious. You’ll watch other period dramas and say ‘When are they going to do the scary bit?’”

» “And then there’s the finale, which has got some serious fanboy-pleasing going on in it. My aim for it – which I’m about to humiliate myself at the tone meeting by saying – is to have slightly more than you think could possibly happen in one episode. Slightly more treats than you think you could be allowed…”

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