Doctor Who Rumour: Jodie Whittaker to film regeneration for 2022 specials

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According to an insider source cited by Nicola Methven of the Mirror, after the completion of filming for Doctor Who Series 13, Jodie Whittaker will film two more episodes, to air in 2022, which will include the the regeneration of thirteenth Doctor into the fourteenth Doctor.

Methven’s source stated this about plans for the thirteenth Doctor:

“As ever bosses are staying tight-lipped about what they have planned, but with filming still ongoing they clearly have plans for episodes to be playing out much later into 2022 – so there’s still more to come for Jodie’s Doctor.”

Doctor Who Series 13 commenced filming in November of 2020 and is expected to continue into July of 2021. The series is limited to eight episodes instead of the usual ten episodes created for the previous two thirteenth Doctor series because Covid-19 restrictions slowed production. The series is expected to begin airing in autumn of 2021.

A source also suggested to the Mirror that the 2022 regeneration is the reason that the cover of the Doctor Who, the Official 2022 Annual publication doesn’t include Whittaker’s thirteenth Doctor on the cover:

“Every Doctor Who annual since 1964 has featured the current Doctor so this is a big departure for them. It’s surely no coincidence that it’s happened just as she’s on the way out.”

Penguin Random House cited innovation as the reason:

“We made the decision some time ago to experiment with a non-character led illustrated cover. Jodie is, of course, featured throughout the book itself.”

Indeed, the blurb which advertises the annual, a publication which features fun activities, puzzles and stories, assures the thirteenth Doctor is the main character:

“Hello! I’m the Doctor, and this is my book.

Only it isn’t like other books, because I’m going to tell you what happens at the end first – I escape! From space prison!

Amazing eh? But while I was locked up I kept a diary, and you can read some of it in the pages that follow – along with loads of top-secret intelligence reports from my friends (and even some enemies). Enjoy!”

Eight episodes are planned for Doctor Who Series 13 with the filming continuing into July. The clip which introduced John Bishop as companion Dan revealed the series is scheduled to air sometime in 2021, likely late autumn.