Doctor Who series 11 footage leaks online

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The first footage of Jodie Whittaker from Doctor Who series 11 leaked online yesterday…

The BBC has moved quickly to clamp down on a leak of footage from the upcoming Doctor Who series 11.

The new series, starring Jodie Whittaker of course, has been under a veil of secrecy since it started filming. However, the wraps are set to come off at a San Diego Comic-Con panel for the show planned in three weeks time.

Yet after all the efforts made to keep everything under wraps, footage of Whittaker’s first episode popped up online yesterday. It leaked via a Twitter account, and the footage disappeared very quickly, courtesy of a copyright claim. The BBC has quickly clamped down on it, but not before fans realised that it was set just half an hour after the generation we saw at the end of the Christmas special. It was clearly the real deal.

The clip gave us a first look at the new sonic screwdriver, and introduces some of the Doctor’s new companions. We’d imagine it’ll be officially released once Comic-Con is over.

More as we hear it…