‘Doctor Who’ star Matt Smith on ‘unhinged’ role in Ryan Gosling movie

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The Doctor Who star told Vulture: “[My character is] called Bully, and it’s kind of nice to leave it to when you see it. It depends on how Ryan cuts it all together, but we can say he’s slightly unhinged.”

Discussing his gold sequin jacket in the movie, Smith joked: “I thought Drive was an amazing, amazing film. And actually I met the costume designer on the Gosling film I’ve just done and I was like, “Jackets! Get me a cool jacket!” I’m going to ask [to keep] that one because I loved that jacket. Eva Mendes actually found that. She went to a charity shop and found that jacket for me. Isn’t it awesome?”

He also recalled how he became involved in the film: “Weirdly, the way that [Ryan Gosling] heard about me was because of that speech in [Doctor Who’s Series 5 finale] ‘The Pandorica Opens’. You know when I’m talking to the aliens? I’m playing a bit of a lunatic in his movie and he said, “Imagine if there were no spaceships and that character was just on his own, talking to no one. How mad would he seem?'”

On co-star Christina Hendrick (Mad Men), Smith revealed: “She’s like an American, voluptuous Karen Gillan. I was bowled over by Christina. She was the coolest cat.”

Describing the experience of working with Gosling, he commented: “He’s the dude. He’s really clever and a really good bloke. He has a really singular yet collaborative sort of personality. I was really impressed. I just thought, ‘Wow, you’re really going to make something extraordinary’. He afforded great freedom to his actors and he gave me great confidence and courage to try and be something really different.”

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