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‘Doctor Who’ star Matt Smith teases ‘ridiculous’ 10/11 pairing in 50th

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Speaking to CultBox on the set of ‘The Day of the Doctor’ in Cardiff earlier this year, the actor hinted: “It’s a very interesting idea I think, that he meets himself and is sort of disapproving. They all disapprove of each other, don’t they?”

Smith explained: “The 50th anniversary isn’t about any one Doctor, it’s about the show and it’s a multiple Doctor story with two Doctors. I think it would’ve been disappointing not to have another Doctor back. We get on really brilliantly well, me and Dave [Tennant], and I think as actors there’s quite a good chemistry between us.”

He added: “I think with me and David, they kinda get on quite well, it sort of ebbs and flows, quite madly … I hope people get a kick out of it and go ‘there’s two of them and they’re both ridiculous!’”

‘The Day of the Doctor’ will air at 7.50pm (GMT) on Saturday 23 November on BBC One.

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