Episodes season 5 finally gets a UK release date

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At long last, BBC Two has announced the UK premiere date for Episodes season 5. Despite the fact that the BBC had a hand in creating the series back in 2011, the American network Showtime now airs the episodes much earlier than the Beeb’s UK broadcast.

To cut to the chase, here’s the news: the Episodes season 5 UK premiere date has been set for Friday 30th March at 10pm. To put that in context, Showtime screened the season 5 premiere on August 20th 2017 and the finale on October 8th 2017. This UK broadcast is incredibly late, compared to our cousins across the pond’s release schedule.

Regardless of this baffling delay, it will be exciting to step into the world of Episodes once again. The show is set in a fictionalised version of Hollywood, where Matt LeBlanc is floundering around looking for a hit show and constantly getting into barmy situations.

When we left off at the end of season 4, Matt LeBlanc was trying his hand as a gameshow host on a series called The Box. Meanwhile, his writer pals – Stephen Mangan’s Sean and Tamsin Greig’s Beverly – were trying to get their new series, The Opposite Of Us, off the ground. Kathleen Rose Perkins’ Carol ended season 4 without a job, and John Pankow’s Merc Lapidus was once again Matt’s boss.

Mark your calendar for March 30th, then.