Game Of Thrones finale: Kit Harington explains Jon’s big decision

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The Game Of Thrones finale may not have been universally beloved, but it certainly threw up some talking points. Kit Harington, who played Jon Snow, is still talking about one of his final scenes….

Today, we’re talking about the moment when Jon deciding to plunge a knife into Daenerys Targaryen and end the life of Emilia Clarke’s dragon queen.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Harington offered this summary of his thinking about the scene:

“It’s that horrible conflict in a relationship: “Do I stay or do I go?” We’ve all been through it at some point … except this one involves a knife. (Laughs.) So, the stakes are even higher. But that’s the way I looked at it: “Do I leave my lover?” It was the same kind of thing between Jon and Ygritte [Rose Leslie] earlier in the series, betraying someone he loves for the greater good.”

Harington added this, touching on what he believes was the deciding factor for Jon:

“But what it really comes down to, the real crux of it, is the decision is made when she puts it between her and his family. Jon essentially sees it as Daenerys or Sansa and Arya, and that makes his mind up for him. He choose blood over, well, his other blood. But he chooses the people he has grown up with, the people his roots are with, the North. That’s where his loyalties lie in the end. That’s when he puts the knife in.”

Kit Harington will next been seen in Marvel’s Eternals movie. HBO is working on a Thrones prequel called The Long Night, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted as we hear more about it…