Game Of Thrones: Isaac Hempstead-Wright discusses Bran’s omniscience

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When a character has learnt everything there is to learn in the universe of your show, how do you keep them from becoming boring? Game Of Thrones star Isaac Hempstead-Wright has been chatting about Bran Stark’s omniscience, and how he’s tried to stop it being dull.

Now that Bran has become the Three-Eyed Raven, he can seemingly access any moment in Westeros’ history. He can even jump into past events and influence them. And that’s not to mention his waring abilities, which are pretty useful as well.

How do you stop a character this smart and this powerful from becoming a total buzzkill, then? Here’s what Isaac Hempstead-Wright said to Collider on that topic:

“In Season 7, it was kind of important that we really made a point of getting Bran right because with characters who are omniscient, it can quickly make the story very, very boring if this character just knows everything and delivers it in a sort of emotionless, monotone fashion. So we wanted to make sure it didn’t become dull. You wanted to keep it weird and strange and emotionally devoid, whilst also keeping some sense of mystery and intrigue about him.”

As for exactly how much Bran knows, the actor said this: “It’s like he’s got a big book that he can look up any part of history. He hasn’t memorized the whole book yet like the previous Three-Eyed Raven may have done.”

And, with regards to season 8, he said this: “I mean, it sounds cheesy, but nothing will prepare you for everything that’s going to happen. It’s really the pinnacle of Game of Thrones […] it’ll be a really emotional time for a lot of people.”

Game Of Thrones season 8 will premiere on HBO on 14th April in the USA, with Sky Atlantic hosting a simulcast for UK audiences in the middle of the night. The episode will air again on Sky the following evening, and it will be available on Now TV as well.