Good Omens trailer: David Tennant and Michael Sheen unite against armageddon

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David Tennant plays a demon named Crowley and Michael Sheen is an angel named Aziraphale, in this, the first-look trailer for the Good Omens TV series. Could this unlikely friendship save the world?

This six-part series, destined for Amazon Prime and BBC Two, is Neil Gaiman’s adaptation of the book he wrote with Terry Pratchett. Gaiman serves as showrunner and co-writer on the show, with Douglas Mackinnon also working on the scripts.

The trailer for the show strikes a jaunty tone, really playing up the friendship/foeship at the heart of the show. You can check it out for yourself right here…

“Welcome to the end times”, Sheen declares at the close of the trailer, keeping in mind the apocalyptic stakes of the show in amongst all the banter and pop tunes. Queen’s ‘You’re My Best Friend’ really is the perfect track for this trailer, isn’t it?

The series is expected to arrive on Amazon Prime in 2019. Here’s hoping it can please the many fans of the Good Omens book, as well as entertaining casual telly-watchers in equal measure.

While we wait for the show to arrive, we’ll be sure to keep you posted with all the latest Good Omens news.