Gotham season 5 is “almost a reboot and a different show”

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Gotham executive producer Danny Cannon has claimed that the season 4 finale of Fox’s Batman origin series will be so “cataclysmic” that it essentially reboots the series. The Gotham season 4 finale will apparently set the stage for Gotham season 5 to feel like a whole new show.

In a new interview, Cannon has said this about what’s going to go down in the back end of Gotham season 4:

“Like I said, the catastrophic event, the cataclysmic event that happens in the last three episodes not only will change Gotham, it not only combines so many characters that you don’t think will cooperate with each other, but it changes the face of Gotham forever, so that season five, it’s almost a reboot and a different show.”

Cannon describes this exciting change as a “reboot of stories”, and he said this to clarify what that means:

“Our characters have reached a maturity now, our characters are so well defined and that’s why I think as writers, that’s right about the point when you want to change people’s perception of them. The [term] ‘reboot’ means, just when you thought you knew people, something else will happen, and just when you thought your Season 5 would be like Season 4, Season 5 is completely different. New characters and old characters that have changed. It’s a complete [departure], and the city has changed too, new characters on a new landscape.”

To find out exactly how this change takes shape, and how it impacts on David Mazouz’s Bruce Wayne and Ben McKenzie’s Jim Gordon, we’ll just have to keep watching Gotham. After a huge delay between the American and British premiere dates, Gotham season 4 has now started on E4.

There hasn’t yet been a formal announcement that Gotham has been renewed for its fifth season. But, by the sounds of it, Cannon is confident that Gotham season 5 will happen.