How ‘reel’ is different from ‘real’?

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How ‘reel’ is different from ‘real’?

Apart from the spelling, the two have so many other differences.

However, it is to be understood that reel is inspired from real. The same is modified in order to add entertainment for the audience.

Here are some instances that will support our thought in this case..


Well, everyone has enjoyed romance in some way or the other. Everyone is living their romance. However, you might have realized that only a few stories stand out. Frankly, most of these stories are the ones we see on the big picture. Apart from this, it is the story writer’s imagination that gets us closer to the big screen and makes us feel happy while living the romance in the theatres

Psychic powers

Well, you might look at some of the popular movies where psychic powers of the character might lead to the destruction of the universe and things turn out to be terrible for everyone. However, in real life, it is the calmness you enjoy while getting in touch with the psychic guru and find peace. There is a drastic contrast in this case because it is an area that can be exploited by the story writers and many have even done it in the past. Frankly, it is fun to watch the madness on the big screen, but reality is far away from one’s thoughts in this case

Action sequence

Think of an action sequence that had you on the edge of your seat, and you might recollect more than one scene. However, most of us admit that there is nothing of that sort in reality. In most of the cases, even if we see someone fighting, it would probably be a basic reaction in a heated moment. You might witness some real action in a pro wrestling ring, but in other cases, it will hardly be anywhere close to the atmosphere that is created by the directors in a movie.


The craziness we witness on the big screen is usually a dream for most of us. We all want to live the experience and find ourselves in a situation where we can do everything without any restrictions and live a carefree life without worrying about anything. Although the same looks attractive and realistic, it is far from reality. Frankly, if it wouldn’t have been far from reality, we would hardly make an effort to pay for it.

Movies are mainly made for entertainment, and if you do not find it worth watching, you’ll end up with regrets after paying for it. This is a fact, and so we should continue watching movies for entertainment and make sure that we live our lives to the fullest, without expecting too much from it. Understand the difference between reel and real to be at peace.