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How to gamble like James Bond

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The lifestyle of Bond is an attractive one for many, full of excitement, beautiful women and luxurious items.

However, the most appealing part of Bond is his visits to the casinos, where he stakes it all to win life altering payouts at the tables. Just about any player that has ever gambled at the tables will wish they had the ability to gamble like Bond, and this all starts with learning the basics of gambling. Whether players are playing at a land casinos or an online casino like PlayOJO, it is essential to known the basics as these will help any player become more successful.

Gambling like James Bond may be a tough goal to reach, but this does not mean that players cannot appreciate the thrills of casino games and have their chance to earn some great profits from the games that are offered. When players gamble, they often visit three different games in the casino, which include slots, blackjack and roulette. These games are relatively easy to play and with some practice and strategies, these can offer some great rewards, especially when playing the card and table games.

Bond’s Top Choices

Each casino will offer a different array of games and if players wish to gamble like Bond, they will have to become familiar with a multitude of games. Bond is seen playing various games in different movies and each action scene is appealing to players who love the thrills and risks of gambling. Bond is often seen playing Baccarat when he appears in Casino Royale, and this is a fast paced game that caters to high rollers. In the same movie, Bond is seen playing Roulette, taking his chances with the wheel and using progressive betting systems.

The James Bond gambling dossier continues with his appearance at the Blackjack tables in Diamonds Are Forever, where he wins a $5000 payoff using a rigged deck of cards. Instead of collecting the wins, he heads off to the roulette table, walking away with another $20K! Based on the action in these hot movies, those that wish to gamble like Bond will have to become quite familiar with these games, especially roulette and baccarat.

Add Poker to the Dossier

Even if players do not follow in the exact footsteps of Bond, they will enjoy an exciting and rewarding experience gambling online and at land casinos. Both of these types of venues feature classic casino games and there are also some amazing variations of poker that can enhance the experience and add even more excitement. Poker is a complex game and while it is easy to learn, it can take years to master. However, by learning some game tips and how to use poker strategy, players can start generating payouts with the different variations of the game.

One basic strategy is to set realistic expectations, Players should not expect to win every time they play a poker game. Unfortunately, players base their ability on the results of each hand played. Instead, have a set budget and know how much can be lost when playing. It is also just as important to know when to take winnings and walk away.

By learning the rules of different poker variations, players will have more options and will be able to extend their playing session, offering more chances to win. No matter what variation is played, always refer to basic poker strategies, which will tell players what cards to hold to create the best possible hand.