‘Hunted’ writer promises ‘really satisfying ending’

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It was announced this week that the BBC/Cinemax co-production will not be returning to BBC One, following disappointing ratings.

Series 1 concludes on BBC One next Thursday.

Discussing the final episode exclusively with CultBox, the show’s creator and lead writer, Frank Spotnitz, revealed: “Well, it’s not a cliffhanger because I don’t know whether there’ll be a second series at this point. You have to design it for both possibilities. If this is the end then it’s a great ride and that was a really satisfying ending, but if it’s not the end then there’s plenty more ground to cover in future series.”

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It has been reported that Hunted may continue on HBO’s Cinemax in the US, despite the BBC not a commissioning second series.

Spotnitz teased: “…from doing The X-Files all those years I’m very good at answering one question and asking three others! So that’s kind of what happens in these first episodes. I think hopefully it’s a very satisfying emotional journey and you feel you’ve got a lot of answers by the end of the eighth hour, but there’s certainly a lot of room to go forward if the audience are so inclined.”

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