Is Sin City coming to TV?

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Adapted into two recent movies by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez, the graphic novel may now be getting a reboot. So is Sin City coming to TV?

According to Deadline, a small screen reboot of Frank Miller’s Sin City is in the works. The new version, the site says, will deal with much more of the source material than the recent films. Glen Mazzara (The Shield, The Walking Dead) is said to be overseeing writing on the adaptation of Miller’s noir classic.

The report also says that Len Wiseman will direct. His recent TV work includes the pilot episodes of Sleepy Hollow and Lucifer, though he’s best known for helming Underworld, Die Hard 4.0, and the recent Total Recall remake.

Stephen L’Heureux (producer on 2014’s Sin City: A Dame To Kill For) will orchestrate the project, alongside Frank Miller himself, Mazzara, Wiseman, and the Weinstein brothers. The brothers are heads of The Weinstein Company and Miramax, and were the money behind the recent film adaptations.

Deadline seems pretty confident that this is concept is a goer, with plenty of interest from networks for the new take.

The continued involvement of Miller in the projects hints that the new take will adopt he eye-catching visual style he created for the books. That look also typified his movie versions of the story.

If another faithful recreation is in the works, it will be interesting to see a more sprawling version of his stories that the time afforded by a TV series will allow.