Joe Lycett’s “consumer justice” series presses ahead at Channel 4

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Channel 4 has commissioned six episodes of Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back, a “consumer justice” series headed up by the hilarious comedian Joe Lycett.

The series will centre on the concept of Lycett using his “well-honed skills of complaining to dish out a hilarious dose of consumer justice on behalf of the people of the UK”. Basically, he’ll be helping viewers to lodge amusing/effective complaints against companies that have done them wrong.

Channel 4 said this about the show:

“Known for his epic escalating battles with officials as he lodges complaints and talks his way out of almost anything, including his now infamous parking fine, Joe Lycett is turning his hand to helping out the great British public with all their genuine consumer complaints.

“From scams and poor customer service to shocking practices and unacceptable consumer standards the series will cover a range of consumer gripes, feature stories relating to consumer issues and go undercover in Joe’s quest for consumer justice. The approach may be humorous but the results could be life changing.”

And Lycett himself said this:

“Having spent most of my life sending arsey emails to companies and local councils it is a great treat to now have an amazing crack team to escalate my consumer rights fight and needlessly waste corporate time. If you’ve been scammed, messed about by a company, or just want to contest a parking fine, then worry not: I’ve got your back.”

Essentially, this new project is taking Lycett’s brilliant parking fine skit and spinning a whole show out of it. If you haven’t seen this clip before, you’re in for a treat…

Channel 4 hasn’t announced a release date yet for Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back, but we’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

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