Know the importance of reading before sleeping: How to get rid of insomnia?

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These days, most of the world’s population is suffering from various kinds of sleeping disorders, mainly insomnia.

This is because we lead a hectic lifestyle, which can affect our sleep severely. There are various reasons behind sleeping disorders. However, a major reason is that, people do not get comfortable on their own bed. This is because their mattress is meant for their body type. Hence, the first step to cure insomnia is to change your mattress, if you are not feeling comfortable on the current mattress.

If you are reading, before going to bed then you are probably doing the best activity to enhance sleep. In this article, we will be taking about the importance of reading before going to sleep and the ways to overcome insomnia.


Why is reading so important before going to bed?

Reading is considered as the best habit because it enhances your imagination. However, if you are reading a novel before going to bed then you will have a better quality of sleep. Here are few of the most important reasons to read a book before falling asleep –

  • When you read during the night time, you are basically enhancing the cognitive function of the brain. Many studies have shown that reading just before falling sleep will enhance your vocabulary and will ensure that you remember facts better.
  • Reading before bed will help your brain to get rid of any kinds of stress which you may have suffered throughout the day and hence you will be able to rest a lot better than usual.
  • If you are reading constantly, then you are less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, which can be also called as short term memory loss.
  • When reading becomes a regular habit, you tend to develop a better sense of emotional intelligence, which is extremely important for taking forward healthy relationships. Hence, you will have better and long lasting relationships.


How to cure insomnia? – Know the role of your mattress

Your mattress plays an extremely important role in enhancing the quality of the sleep. If the mattress is not good for you, you will end up with various sleeping disorders or back problems. That is why, many experts have said that getting the mattress, which will suit your body the best is essential. Here are some facts about mattresses –

  • Always remember that there are different kinds of mattresses, which are meant for different kinds of sleeping positions. Hence you need consult an expert before you buy your next mattress, he/she will guide you properly on which mattress is the best for you.
  • Many people believe that the firm beds are actually great for curing the back problems. However, many experts believe that it is not true at all because the firm mattresses will put a lot of pressure on you and hence you tend to wake up early.

These days, you will find variety of beds and mattresses on sale and a bed on sale can be a big benefit. That is why, it is always advisable to wait for the sale season.