Legends Of Tomorrow season 4: Constantine’s ex-boyfriend will play a part

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Legends Of Tomorrow season 4 will explicitly make reference to the bisexuality of Matt Ryan’s John Constantine, with an ex-boyfriend of the coat-wearing magic man being established in the show.

TV Line, referencing an exchange with executive producer Phil Klemmer, claims that the writers of Legends are planning to “establish a romance of Constantine’s that presumably took place between the end of his eponymous NBC series and the character’s arrival in the Arrowverse.

“That relationship, with a man, will have had tragic overtones, and as such still haunts John.” It’s unclear whether this ex is still alive, or if John is haunted by his memory in a metaphorical – or perhaps literal – sense.

There is also present day news regarding Constantine’s love life. Speaking to ComicBook.com at San Diego Comic-Con, Matt Ryan was asked whether Constantine will have a relationship with the Time Bureau’s clutzy agent Gary Green (played by Adam Tsekhman).

Ryan didn’t confirm that relationship, but he seems very open to a vast array of possibilities. Here’s what he said:

“I think the thing is, with John, is you can never rule out him having a relationship with anyone or anything, possibly. Like, you know, it could be a demon. In the comics, he’s had relationships with several demons, and he has demon blood and all of that sort of stuff. But that’s the exciting thing about the character, is that you can kind of drop him in any universe, in all of the DC universe, and he’s going to still [find someone].”

Legends Of Tomorrow returns to The CW, over in the USA, on October 22nd. The UK broadcast on Sky is usually a week after the American debut.

We look forward to finding out, during this new season, a little bit more about Constantine’s heart. Whether it’s an ex, a demon or a Time Agent that pulls on his heartstrings this year, it’ll be nice to know a bit more about Constantine’s emotional side.