Legion: Dan Stevens talks final season and Professor X scenes

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Dan Stevens has been chatting about Legion season 3, which will bring Noah Hawley’s mind-bending mutant series to a close and bring David Haller face to face with his dad, Professor X…

On the topic of how it feels to be saying goodbye to David, because this is the final season, Stevens said this to Collider:

“It’s a real privilege, in a way. I’m extremely proud of having been a part of something so uniquely weird. The fact that we managed to get three seasons is a wonderful thing. Noah [Hawley] always pitched it to me as a three season story arc. Obviously, we weren’t allowed to say that, at the beginning, because everybody, in this age feels like things should run and run, but to have a story with a beginning, middle and end, that’s so uniquely crafted, is something that I feel will exist out there. I wouldn’t be intimidated to take on a three season show and be like, “Somebody told me about this show Legion, so I’ll give that a go.” If it was like 19 seasons, I’d be like, “Ugh, I’m not gonna watch that,” and one season would not be enough. So, we’re gonna have 26 chapters of this thing, and I’m just so happy to have been a part of it, with a uniquely weird and talented bunch of people behind it.”

And, teasing David’s father/son relationship with Professor X, Stevens said this:

“It’s been on his mind, since day one, really, and it’s been teased. It’s quite exciting to see. It’s the third incarnation we’ve seen of Professor X, with Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy. It’s cool. It’s this canonical role now, that [Harry Lloyd] is taking on. Those scenes that I have with him, with David opposite his father at a very similar age, it’s trippy stuff. It’s a nice resolution to that relationship. There’s a lot of confusion and hurt, obviously, in that direction. So, there are a few episodes, towards the end, where we see that harmony, and a discussion of that whole thing, which is really lovely.”

Legion season 3 has premiered already in the US, and it will debut in the UK on July 4th.