Mark Gatiss teases ‘Being Human’ finale role

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The leader of the Old Ones, vampire Mr Snow was introduced at the end of last night’s episode on BBC Three.

Speaking to The Guardian, Gatiss revealed: “The Old Ones have come back to pick up where they left off with Hal. There was a point when we were filming where I thought to myself, ‘I may have waited all my life to play this part’. All these years I’ve wanted to be king of the vampires, so I had a fantastic time.”

Describing the Mr Snow’s look, the Doctor Who writer explained: “I wanted to do something different with it. Before Dracula they weren’t these gothic, Byronic, romantic creatures, they were filthy and disgusting. I wanted to have red hair, because you never have ginger vampires, and terrible teeth, and these really dirty fingernails. And they gave me everything I wanted. He’s about 3000 years old, he’s literally rotting from the inside.”

The concluding episode of Series 4, The War Child, airs at 9pm on Sunday 25th March, written by showrunner Toby Whithouse.

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