Matt Lucas is developing a new TV show with Steven Moffat

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Matt Lucas is working on a new TV project with Steven Moffat. The pair previously worked together on Doctor Who, when Moffat was the showrunner and Lucas had a recurring role as Nardole, the loveable cyborg with invisible hair that became a companion to Peter Capaldi’s Doctor.

Lucas revealed that he’s working with Moffat again on Twitter, during a Tweet about a play he used to be in. Congratulating the cast of the Me And My Girl play for securing a West End transfer, Lucas revealed that he’s too busy with a Moffat-based project to join the West End cast.

Here’s Lucas’ Tweet, which doesn’t tell us what Moffat and Lucas’ new project is:

We know that Moffat is currently working on an adaptation of The Time Traveler’s Wife for HBO, as well as penning Dracula show for the BBC. It’s unclear what the project he’s working on with Lucas is all about.

Lucas did Tweet back a simple “No” to one fan, who asked if he was set to appear in The Time Traveler‘s Wife. He also clicked “like” on a Tweet from another fan, who said, “I will assume, not Dracula.”

This leaves us none the wiser as to what Lucas and Moffat are working on together. We’ll be sure to keep you posted, though, as and when we hear more about this exciting reunion between the former Doctor Who duo…