‘Merlin’ cast share movie trilogy hopes

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A Merlin film has long been rumoured, while plans for a potential trilogy were first revealed by executive producer Johnny Capps last month.

“I’d like to see epic battles!” actor Colin Morgan (Merlin) told Digital Spy, speaking at the convention where the plans were confirmed. “Let’s do Merlin, Lord of the Rings-style! Although saying that, the sort of things we’re doing in Season 5 aren’t that far off… I guess by the time we get to the end of Season 5, Merlin’s grown up so much that this is him now entering manhood, I think. I’d like to see that continue.”

“I kind of just think we should remake Star Wars,” joked Katie McGrath (Morgana). “And I could be Darth Vader.”

“We’re going to focus more on [the films] once we’ve finished scripting Season 5,” Capps explained. “We’re hoping to get scripts and stuff together next year.”

Merlin‘s fifth series is expected to begin on BBC One this autumn.

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