‘Merlin’ star joins new season of ‘Dexter’

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Entertainment Weekly reports that Cabrera, also known for playing Isaac Mendez in Heroes, will appear in “a couple of episodes” as new character Ethan Price, described as “a charming investigative writer of true crime books about famous murder cases”.

Cabrera appeared in the first four series of Merlin in the recurring role of Sir Lancelot. The character was killed off in his fifth episode, sacrificing himself to save Camelot, but later returned to the show having been resurrected temporarily by the evil Morgana.

Merlin co-creator Julian Murphy recently told CultBox that Lancelot would not return to the show: “I’d still never say never about Lancelot, but he’s returned from the dead once, I think that’ll have to be it! He’s a great character and I think Santiago played him brilliantly, but I think it’s best left there.”

Are you looking forward to Santiago Cabrera appearing on Dexter? Would you like to see Lancelot return to Merlin? Let us know below…

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