‘Merlin’ star Katie McGrath: ‘Morgana has a new plan’

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Speaking to CultBox on the fantasy drama’s set in Cardiff last month, McGrath teased: “You left Morgana at the end of Series 3 in not a very good way. The new series opens up a year later and you discover that… the year has been spent schooling Morgana in the dark arts and in magic.”

She continued: “Also in this year she has spent it plotting her revenge against Camelot, not only for taking her position – as she sees it, because she sees herself as the rightful ruler – but also for injuring and, she believes, causing the death of her sister.”

Series 4 is expected to launch with a double-bill on BBC One next month.

The star added: “…she’s got a new plot, Morgana always has a new plan, and it’s a good one! The last one was good too, but you know.”

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