Narcos: Mexico season 2 is in production already

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Just last week, Netflix officially announced a second season of Narcos: Mexico (or a fifth season of Narcos overall, if you want to look at it that way). The streaming service is pressing ahead at an impressive pace, with work already being underway on this new season.

As Deadline reports, production on season 2 is underfoot in Mexico City, with both Diego Luna and Scoot McNairy scheduled to return.

Certainly, relocating the Narcos brand into Mexico and starting again with a new cast was a bold move for Netflix. But it seems to be one that has paid off. Bringing in new stars like Luna, McNairy and Michael Pena has helped Narcos garner plenty of new hype and media attention for the Mexico-set relaunch.

And yes, those of us that watched the first ten episodes of Narcos: Mexico will remember that it left things open for a second season, particularly by bringing in McNairy’s Walter as the DEA’s new main man tackling the war on drugs.

If we had to guess, we’d expect Luna’s Felix Gallardo and McNairy’s Walter to have an all-out conflict in Narcos: Mexico season 2, which should provide plentiful opportunities for drama and action.

We don’t have much official information to go on this time, but we’ll be sure to bring you all the latest updates on Narcos: Mexico as and when we hear them.