Netflix: US prices rising, but the UK is safe for now

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Netflix is putting its prices up for American users, but British subscribers to the streaming service seem to be safe for the time being. Read on to find out everything we know about this price change, and why the UK isn’t yet being subjected to it.

Collider reports that the Basic Netflix plan is going up from $8 to $9 USD, while the HD Standard plan (apparently the most popular option) is going from $11 to $13, and the 4K Premium option is going from $14 to $16. This price hike will affect America itself and around 40 Latin American countries where the US Dollar is used by Netflix.

Noticeably, this move comes at a time when Netflix has a couple of new hits under its belt: the recent movie BirdBox made a lot of noise, and the new series Sex Education could well do the same. Also, the price increase has occurred while fans are waiting for the new series of Stranger Things and are resultantly less likely to want to part with their subscription.

Digital Spy reached out to Netflix, asking whether this price increase will affect the UK. Here’s what Netflix said in response:

“Price increases are specific to each country and the US increase does not influence or indicate a UK price change.”

Netflix UK will stay at its current price until further notice, then. We’ll let you know if we hear any more on that.