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Nick Frost set to play ‘Captain Pugwash’ in new movie

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The Spaced, Hot Fuzz and Sean of The Dead star is set to bring classic Children’s TV character Captain Pugwash to the big screen.

Having put in a turn as Santa Claus in Doctor Who‘s 2014 Christmas Special, ‘Last Christmas’, Nick Frost is set to bring another portly character beloved of children – we were children once – to life in front of the cameras. This time he’ll be turning his talents to playing the cowardly pirate that was the subject of a 1950’s childrens books and, more famously, cartoon series in both that decade, the 70s and the late 90s.

Remember this?

Frost will star alongside Jason Flemyng in the film, which will see Captain Pugwash attempt to rescue the father of his cabin boy, Tom (not Roger, you’ll note) while being pursued by another pirate, Cut-Throat Jake. The movie will be directed by John Hay (Stig of the Dump, Lost Christmas), and will apparently be a “fresh, indie take” on the classic characters.