Our Girl series 4: talks are underway to make it happen

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Our Girl may have been used as scheduling football during the World Cup, but the third run of the BBC One military drama still delivered some top quality entertainment and – thanks to a sizeable cliffhanger at the end – left us wanting more.

Thankfully, it looks like talks are underway to bring the show back for a fourth series. Nothing is confirmed yet, but things seem to be moving in the right direction.

This news comes to us through some good old-fashioned journalism. Rumours from The Sun suggested that Michelle Keegan had already signed on the dotted line for Our Girl series 4, but Digital Spy did their due diligence by actually getting in touch with the BBC to check.

Digital Spy’s efforts were rewarded with some actual legit news, with a BBC spokesperson sending them this statement:

Our Girl has performed consistently well over the summer and is still being watched by a big audience on BBC iPlayer. We are in discussions about future Our Girl series.”

It’s good to know that these discussions are underway, and it’ll be even better if/when we get the confirmation that the talks have come to a happy conclusion and Keegan will be back on our screens soon.

When that day comes, or if we hear any other Our Girl news, we’ll be sure to let you know.