Paul Bettany on why Marvel movies are so successful

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Paul Bettany has weighed in on why Marvel movies are so successful. And given that he’s been a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe from the very beginning (voicing JARVIS in the original Iron Man) and he’s still involved with it now (reprising The Vision in Avengers: Infinity War), it’s fair to assume that he knows what he’s talking about.

Speaking to CinemaBlend on the set of Infinity War, Bettany offered this take on why Marvel films are such smash hits:

“I think the success of the Marvel films comes from the fact that they’re made by fans. They really love those characters. When I first came out dressed as Vision, Kevin Feige nearly cried. I didn’t grow up reading comics but they make you fall in love with your character. They really do. Their love for these stories is really infectious and you become really invested, and there’s a lot of invested people beyond the financials of it all. They really want to do a good job, and I think fans really trust that if they bend things that they’re in safe hands — that the story is in safe hands because I guarantee you it’s made by geeks. This movie is made by geeks. They love them, they feel it when they’re talking about it.”

Lots of very sensible points from Mr Bettany. While other blockbuster movies can often feel like heartless cash-grabs rushed out to capitalise on a trend, the Marvel Cinematic Universe feels like it is lovingly crafted by people with genuine passion for the characters and stories of Marvel Comics.

We’ll bring you more superhero news as it flies in.