Pearl Mackie signs up for new sitcom

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Pearl Mackie continues to land post-Doctor Who roles, and for one of her next projects, she’s teaming up with The Inbetweeners star Joe Thomas.

The pair of them are set to headline Proposal, with Thomas playing Jamie and Mackie playing Lucy.

The plot sounds a little familiar. Jamie wants to propose to Lucy, but a series of disasters get in the way as he keeps trying to do the right thing. As for Lucy, she’s not sure she’s into the idea of marriage. And as the show progresses, she’s going to be less sure she’s into the idea of Jamie.

It’s a Radio 2 production this, that’s been penned by The Pin, Ben Ashenden and Alex Owen. It’s all part of Radio 2’s Comedy Showcase line-up of pilots that’s just been announced. More as we hear it.