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Peter Capaldi on filming his Doctor Who regeneration scene – and it took a whole day to do

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On sale today is the new issue of Empire magazine, and in it, there’s a brief natter with Peter Capaldi where he talks about his upcoming Doctor Who exit. The Doctor regenerates into Jodie Whittaker in this year’s festive special, Twice Upon A Time. And Capaldi told Empire that “I couldn’t have wanted for a more moving and emotional end to my time as Doctor Who”.

He added that it was “strange” shooting the regeneration scene itself, “but in a way you’ve been practising all your life to collapse on the floor of the TARDIS. Or whatever happens! And we had a whole day to do it, which was nice”.

It doesn’t sound like it’s going to be an instant farewell then, and we wonder if Capaldi may get an extended chance to say goodbye, as David Tennant did in the last quarter of an hour of The End Of Time. We’ll find out at Christmas.

Empire issue 340 is on sale now. Its website is here.