Power Rangers: sequel to 2017 film in development

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Hasbro is in the early stages of development on a sequel to 2017’s Power Rangers film, it’s been confirmed. Hasbro bought the Power Rangers brand from Saban, along with and loads of other licenses, earlier this year. Rather than rebooting the film franchise, though, it seems like the iconic toy manufacturer wants to make a sequel.

This news comes from a rather corporate source: Licensing.org broke the story, in an article about Hasbro’s strategy for the next year or so. 2019 will be a “transition year” for Power Rangers, apparently, with new products launching in May and April. Meanwhile, new “entertainment content and licensed products” are being lined up for 2020.

Hasbro’s CEO Brian Goldner reckons that the transition for Power Rangers under its new owners will be “relatively seamless”, not least because “key personnel” from Saban have been brought over to keep working on the brand. Saban’s CEO, Haim Saban, is staying on as a creative consultant, for example.

But yes, the main takeaway from this Hasbro/Saban/Power Rangers update is that we could get Power Rangers 2 as a result of it. According to the report from Licensing.org, Hasbro is set to work with a film studio – it doesn’t say which one – to develop a follow-up to the 2017 movie.

There’s no word yet on which cast members or crew members would return, but we won’t be surprised if an announcement follows with lost of familiar names on it. Director Dean Israelite would be a key hire, of course, especially if Hasbro wishes to maintain the first film’s unique style.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.