Pride And Prejudice, House Of Cards UK and more return to BBC iPlayer

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Numerous classic series have returned to the BBC iPlayer, including Pride And Prejudice, House Of Cards, North And South and many more. Time to start bingeing box-sets, then!

From today, you’ll be able to find the following shows in the Archive section of the iPlayer: the 1995 production of Pride And Prejudice, starring Colin Firth; the UK version of House Of Cards; the 2004 adaptation of North And South; the sci-fi series Quartermass And The Pit; Mike Leigh’s 1976 comedy Nuts In May; the 1956 TV play Mrs Patterson, starring Eartha Kitt; the 1966 series Talking To A Stranger, which features a young Judi Dench; and the classic 1965 drama-documentary The War Game.

“What a wonderful treat for us to be able to bring all these programmes back to BBC iPlayer”, said the BBC’s drama commissioning controller Piers Wenger.

“As well as reliving iconic moments like Mr Darcy’s lake scene and Francis Urquhart’s political scheming and manipulations, we’ve also reached deep into the BBC’s archive to bring audiences treasures like the brilliant sci-fi classic Quatermass and the Pit and an early breakout performance from Judi Dench in Talking to a Stranger.”

If you’ve been looking for a few classics to watch over those summer evenings, then, the archive section of the iPlayer just became the place to look. Happy viewing!

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