Quantum Leap: big Blu-ray complete collection arriving this month

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Fans of classic sci-fi series Quantum Leap have reason to be pleased this morning, with the news that a complete Blu-ray collection is going on sale at the end of the month.

Running to 22 discs and 4572 minutes in total, Quantum Leap: The Complete Collectors Edition will bring together all 97 episodes from the classic sci-fi show. Scott Bakula, of course, headlines the programme. He – of course – plays Sam Beckett, who finds himself inhabiting the lives and bodies of an assortment of people as he zips through space and time.

There’s a small collection of extras included on the discs as well, and the whole collection goes on sale from January 29th 2018. It’ll set you back just north of £140 on Amazon at the moment. And it greatly helps the running costs of sites such as these if you can follow affiliate links should you choose to pick up a copy. Here’s the link to the pre-order page at Amazon.