Shane Meadows on ‘This Is England’ future: ‘I can’t say never’

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This Is England creator Shane Meadows has revealed that last night’s finale “feels like an end”.

This Is England ’90 began on Channel 4 last month and has been promoted as “the final chapter” of the saga, which has spanned a movie and three seasons.

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Asked if this was really the end, Meadows commented: “Well, if it finished here, I’d have absolutely no regrets. But I can’t say never. It’s impossible to say never. I wouldn’t come back and do it a disservice. I wouldn’t come back and do 24-parts and make myself a multi-millionaire. There are temptations around to sell it off.”

He added: “I’ve done everything I can to make this feel like the end of something. I don’t mean like a fucking Emmerdale-style plane crash. Most of them make it through pretty unscathed. But at the same time, eight episodes could never be the end, it was the beginning of something else. Whereas this feels like an end. It has a full stop, even if it’s only in pencil.”

The final episode of This Is England ’90 aired last night on Channel 4.

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