‘Skins’ star based Grace on Audrey Hepburn

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Sula told CultBox: “I sort of tried to think back to the film Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn. You see her exploring Italy, going through the market, looking at different things – that’s what I based Grace on.”

She added: “But then again, Grace is very much like me as well. I’m very open to learning new things with different people. I travelled a lot when I was younger. I’d say I’m more aware than her, but intellectually she’s more on top of things than I am.”

Sula also revealed that during the audition process she also tried out for the part of Frankie, which ultimately went to Dakota Blue Richards: “I was going for Frankie as well as Grace, but I think when I did my audition for Frankie I could see in my eyes they were like ‘no, this is not Frankie, just stick to Grace’.”

Episode 7 of the current series, focusing on the character of Grace, airs at 10pm tonight on E4.