‘Skins’ star: Rich and Alo friendship ‘just felt really natural’

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Arnold told CultBox: “We were in the finals together during auditions, because Will originally went to the part of Rich, then they decided to let him read for Alo. So our friendship just felt really natural, it wasn’t forced. We just bounce off each other quite well.”

He continued: “I think [Rich and Alo will] always be great friends, yeah. We didn’t really have a back-story, so we just sort of made it up, but we liked to imagine that they’d had quite a long friendship, in a bromantical sort of way for quite a while.”

Episode 2 of the current series, focusing on the character of Rich, aired last night on E4.

Hinting at what the rest of the serious holds for the duo, Arnold added: “But no, I don’t think their friendship will ever really end. There’s points where it might get cut off a little bit, which is really interesting – it’s like, how’s Alo going to survive on his own and how’s Rich going to survive on his own?”