Slot machines and movies

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The first impression you might get when putting movies and slot machines in the same sentence is one of something that does not quite fit together, a bit like trying to put a round shape into a square hole.  

In fact this would totally untrue as movie themed online slot games have proved to be incredibly popular, and could actually be the one genre of  game that will never go out of style with the players.

A great many people love to have a gamble and enjoying a favourite movie, albeit in a totally different way appeals to many.  Seeing a character from a good movie again and interacting in a new medium and environment ticks a lot of boxes for a lot of people.

Of course this could not have happened without the strides made in technology.  The advancement that we have enjoyed over the past decade or so means we can enjoy our movie themed games in HD with exceptional audio and video clips.

If we visit Spin Palace Casino as an example online site we can see the amount of movie themed slots there are.  From old classics like Tomb Raider where we can enjoy the exploits of Lara Croft again to the very latest blockbusters, they are all there for us to experience.

Many of the games are based on action movies and these work really well, but generally speaking many of the movie themed slot games we see are based on those films that can be transferred over to the games format.

One slot game that has proven to be really popular and that might surprise some people is Bridesmaids. The hit rom-com has stood the test of time and has become a hit for the slots industry too with part of the appeal being the likability of the characters in the movie.

Players get to essentially hang out with the most popular characters in the film enjoying all of the best moments, getting help off the characters, and this feel good game just seems to make people smile.

Fans of Bridesmaids can also get to see some of the most popular clips from the film which further goes to enhance time spent online.

Keeping true to the film Bridesmaids the slots game is a true testimony of how far the games industry has come since the early days, and if you add the factor that there is a chance of winning some excellent cash prizes along the way it is no wonder that movie themed slots are so popular, standing the test of time whilst providing some great entertainment along the way.