Star-studded comedy sketch pokes fun at sexist auditions

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Emilia Clarke, Lena Headey, Catherine Tate, Gemma Arterton, Felicity Jones and Gemma Chan are among the stars that appear in Leading Lady Parts, a new comedy skit that shows its support for the #MeToo movement while poking fun at the sexist audition processes that happens in Hollywood.

The sketch, which was made by Rebel Park Productions for the BBC, can be watched right here…

Tom Hiddleston, Katie Leung, Stacy Martin, Wunmi Mosaku, Florence Pugh and Anthony Welsh also appear in the sketch, with Hiddleston providing a massive punchline at the end of the clip.

It’s easy to laugh at the sketch, particularly because it’s so stuffed with stars, but let’s not forget that it is based on truth. Experiences like this happen for actresses all the time, and that is no laughing matter.

Jessica Swale wrote and directed the sketch, with Gemma Arterton, Jessica Malik and Jessica Parker serving as producers.

The short film is described as the “the first in a series aimed at shining a light on the portrayal of women in the media and the challenges women face in the workplace across all industries.”

The video’s description on YouTube encourages viewers to donate to the Justice and Equality fund at this link.

We’ll be sure to share the other videos from this series as they appear online.