State Of The Union: trailer and release date for Nick Hornby TV series

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BBC Two has confirmed the release date for State Of The Union, a new TV show penned by Nick Hornby, which stars Rosamund Pike and Chris O’Dowd. We’ve also got a trailer…

Hornby, of course, rose to fame with his comedic and very British novels: High Fidelity, A Long Way Down, Fever Pitch and About A Boy are all Hornby books, and they’ve all been adapted into movies. Hornby also worked on the screenplays for Wild, Brooklyn and An Education, so he’s no stranger to screen projects either.

With State Of The Union, Hornby has written ten short episodes about a couple, who always go to the pub before their weekly marriage therapy appointment. O’Dowd and Pike play this couple, and the show will let us glimpse their awkward pub chats and try to piece their larger story together.

We went looking for a State Of The Union trailer, but for reasons unknown we could only find the Portuguese version. The dialogue is all in English, though, so this will give you a gist of the show’s tone…

The State Of The Union release date has been set for September 8th at 10pm, when a double-bill will air on BBC Two. After those two episodes have aired, the entire series will become available on iPlayer for your bingeing pleasure.