Steven Moffat denies Dracula will solve crimes in new BBC series

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While we still know next to nothing about Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss’ upcoming Dracula TV show, the showrunners have at least shed a little light on what it won’t be.

Despite the very action-adventure whodunnit structure of both Sherlock and Doctor Who, Dracula will not be wandering modern day Transylvania solving crimes.

Speaking at a screening of the latest Who episode ‘World Enough and Time’ in Cardiff (via Digital Spy), Moffat talked briefly about his new collaboration with Gatiss.

“Dracula solves crimes!” he said. “I just made that up – it’s not that, it’s not that! That’s quite good though, isn’t it?”

According to Moffat, despite fan fervour kicking into high gear as soon as the project was announced, production will not get underway for some time. This, he added, is down to needing a well-earned break following his tenure as Doctor Who showrunner.

“I’ve got other plans just before that, mostly involving a balcony and a gin ‘n’ tonic,” he joked.

“I’m still working on [Doctor Who] but once the head’s cleared, there’s a few things I’d like to do, a few ideas I’d like to do that are as far away from Doctor Who and Sherlock as I can manage. Not that I don’t love those things more than anything, because I do!”

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