Steven Moffat on writing a Bond film: ‘I would like something to be left alone by me’

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The Doctor Who showrunner has previously written film/TV scripts for a number of his favourite fictional characters, including Sherlock Holmes, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Tintin, and the Doctor.

Asked if he’d like to write a Bond film one day, Moffat told CultBox: “I think I have to leave something alone that I love, otherwise I’ll have nothing left to watch!”

The writer added: “I always think, as much I will always love Doctor Who and I will always love Sherlock Holmes, for the rest of my life once I’m done with them I will always be looking at those shows loving them but thinking ‘it’s not what I would’ve done’. I would like something to be left alone by me, just to be sitting in the audience eating my popcorn.”

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