Stranger Things season 3 is definitely shorter than season 2

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Production has begun on Stranger Things season 3, which will mark the triumphant return (again) of Netflix’s supernatural nostalgia smash hit. Producer/director Shawn Levy confirmed in an interview recently that filming for Stranger Things season 3 kicked off on April 23rd.

Further to that, Levy confirmed in the same chat that we will be getting eight episodes this time around. Although season 2 swelled to nine instalments, writers/creators The Duffer Brothers are planning to keep it to eight episodes for Stranger Things season 3.

Four of the eight scripts have been written already, which is enough for production to get started. As Levy explained:

“The rest of them kind of get written as we shoot, as we edit, as we go. I’m once again directing the third and fourth episodes so that I can give the Duffers a breather, and send them back into the writing cave, so that they can buff out the rest of the season.”

As for who else will be directing episodes besides Levy and the Duffers, we shouldn’t expect any big shocks. “[The list of directors is] not a huge surprise,” Levy explained. “There’s eight episodes, so there’s a very limited number of slots available.”

Pixar legend Andrew Stanton is one person who we know for a fact will not be directing. Although he shot two episodes of season 2 and Levy was “beyond thrilled” with the results, Stanton’s schedule didn’t line up with the Stranger Things production this time around.

Stranger Things season 3 does not yet have an announced release date, but we’ll keep you posted as we hear more.