Supergirl season 4: Brent Spiner cast as the Vice President

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Brent Spiner has joined the DC universe, picking up a role in The CW’s Supergirl season 4. The Star Trek: The Next Generation and Independence Day alum has been cast in the role of Vice President Baker, which sounds like it could be an important one.

Spiner, whose CV also includes roles in Outcast, Justice League Action and Star Wars: Rebels, will recur as Vice President Baker throughout Supergirl season 4.

All we have to go on regarding this character, other than Spiner’s casting, is this tiny little description:

“Adept and politically minded, Vice President Baker makes for an unlikely leader, but steps up in a big way when his country needs him most.”

Fans of Supergirl will remember that Lynda Carter, who famously played Wonder Woman back in the 1970s, plays President Olivia Marsdin (who’s secretly an alien) in the series. This makes it seem incredibly likely that Carter and Spiner will share scenes, which is a nerd-pleasing prospect that fills us with anticipation.

But in what way will the country need Spiner’s Baker? And how exactly will he step up? We’ll just have to wait and see, of course, but it seems plausible that Marsdin will be taken out of action somehow and Baker will need to take control of the Oval Office.

Supergirl will return to The CW, over in the USA, on October 14th. Here in the UK, the broadcasts on Sky are generally a week later than the American premieres.

We’ll bring you more Supergirl news as we hear it.