Syfy picks up UK rights for Marvel’s Runaways (and more!)

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We’ve finally learned where the Marvel’s Runaways UK broadcast will take place. Syfy UK (which is available on Sky, Virgin Media and various other paid packages) has picked up the UK rights to Marvel’s Runaways, a TV series about teenage heroes whose parents are villains.

Syfy UK has picked up a couple more Disney-owned American series, as well. Alongside Marvel’s Runaways, Syfy UK has also nabbed the UK broadcast rights to Siren and Stitchers.

Siren takes place in a coastal town with historic links to mermaids. In the modern day, a mysterious girl arrives in town and begins causing trouble.

Stitchers also features a young female at the core of its plot. The protagonist of Stitchers is Kirsten, a young woman who is recruited by a shady government agency. Her new job includes the process of being ‘stitched’ into the minds of dead people.

Runaways was created by the American streaming service Hulu, while Siren and Stitchers debuted on the Freeform network. All three series are skewed towards young audiences. It’ll be interesting to see which of them become hits for Syfy.

As of yet, we haven’t heard UK release dates for any of these shows. We’ll let you know when we do.

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