Crazyhead won’t return for season 2: sign our petition to try and reverse the decision

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UPDATE: We’ve started a petition here to try and get the decision reversed. Please sign it!

The relatively small, but loyal, audience that loved the Susan Wokoma/Cara Theobald series will be left hanging…

It’s a tough old world, TV-land, and though Netflix and Amazon Prime has been a shot in the arm for cult TV over the last few years, not everything can be resurrected. Thus, it is with sadness, that we relay the following tweet from Crazyhead star Susan Wokoma.

What a shame. For it was, as she rightly states, a bit of gem. Seriously, what’s not to like about show put together by Misfits/Atlantis creator, Howard Overman, about two Brit demon slayers doing their stuff? Nothing, that’s what.

Still, with Cara Theobald currently starring in Absentia, alongside former Castle star Stana Katic, and Wokoma due to appear in Delicious writer Dan Sefton’s upcoming Porters, it seems a busy time for both the stars. One thing about TV that’s also worth bearing in mind, is that nothing is ever really, really dead.