The Knick season 3 on the way?

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We’re hearing that a Knick revival is in the works…

After The Knick ended its two-season run in 2015, it was only officially cancelled two years later, but apparently there’s life in the 1900s-set medical drama yet!

Knick director Steven Soderbergh has told The Playlist that a new season of the formerly Clive Owen-led series is in the beginning stages, this time with the focus set on André Holland’s Dr. Algernon C. Edwards character, and written by orginal creators Jack Amiel and Michael Begler. Moonlight director Barry Jenkins is reportedly said to be in the mix, too.

“[André and Barry] came up with a really great approach with Jack and Michael,” Soderbergh confirmed. “And that seems to be advancing rapidly. I just read the pilot, which is terrific.”

He noted that he probably won’t be involved with season 3 at all, though. “I’m very passive on that. That’s all Barry’s baby. I told them, ‘Look, I had, I had my shot. Godspeed, take it in whatever direction you want.’”

In The Knick, the Knickerbocker Hospital operates with inventive surgeons, nurses and staff who struggle against the limitations of medical understanding and practice, to minimise morbidity and mortality. Dr. Algernon Edwards (Holland) is a Harvard-educated black American surgeon who is much more qualified than any other candidate, but who must fight for respect among the all-white hospital staff.

More on this as we get it.