The Meg trailer: Jason Statham against a giant shark

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Jason Statham – the British action star seen in Crank, The Transporter, The Expendables, Spy, the Fast & Furious franchise, and many more – is taking on a giant shark in his next big screen project, The Meg. 

Meg, in this instance, is short for Megalodon. This extinct creature makes a comeback as a living fossil in The Meg, which leaves Statham’s character and some other famous faces with the tough task of taking it down, before it kills a lot of people. If you ever looked at Jaws and thought, ‘they need a bigger shark’, this is definitely the film for you.

Here’s the trailer, in all its cheesy glory…

Doesn’t that look like a good time at the cinema? Yes, of course, it’s a bit silly, but Statham and company seem to have taken the job seriously and produced a fun film out of it. The Stath is joined in the cast by Ruby Rose, Rainn Wilson, Robert Taylor, Cliff Curtis and Bingbing Li.

The Meg is based on Meg: A Novel Of Deep Terror, a 1997 sci-fi yarn written by Steve Alten. Six sequel books have been penned in the years hence, so, if the film does well, perhaps Statham could turn The Meg into a blockbuster franchise.

The Meg has a UK release date of August 10th, 2018.