The Vampire Chronicles: Bryan Fuller has left the show

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Bryan Fuller has departed from his producer role on the upcoming TV adaptation of The Vampire Chronicles. Anne Rice, the author of the on-going book series on which the TV show is based, is leading the project with scriptwriting assistance from her son, Christopher Rice. At this current conjecture, the series does not yet have a network or streaming service attached.

Fuller was announced to be onboard as a producer earlier this year, but Anne Rice has now revealed to Nerdist that Fuller left the project in February. No reason has been given for this uncoupling, leaving Fuller’s fans to worry as to why he is stepping away from his third major series in as many years.

Fuller is credited as the creator of Star Trek: Discovery, but he vacated the Discovery showrunner seat to focus on American Gods. And then he quit American Gods after one season, with the online rumour mill pointing to budgetary issues with the network as well as purported disagreements with Neil Gaiman, author of the American Gods book.

And now, Fuller has stepped away from The Vampire Chronicles for unknown reasons. When you look at all of that news from an outsider’s perspective, it looks a lot like Fuller, in the years since Hannibal‘s cancellation in 2015, has struggled to find a harmonious project to stick with on a long-term basis.

The Vampire Chronicles TV show is still pressing ahead, though, with Christopher Rice recently Tweeting this picture of a script…

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more about the project, and Fuller’s future plans.