The Walking Dead confirms release date for Rick’s last episode

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We’ve known for what feels like ages that Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes will depart from The Walking Dead at some point during the show’s ninth season. Now, we know exactly which episode will see him bow out.

An official Tweet from The Walking Dead Twitter account has confirmed that, after this week, Rick has just two episodes left. You can see the blue-ticked Tweet for yourself right here…

This week’s episode was The Walking Dead season 9 episode 3, which went by the title Warning Signs. This means that Rick’s final two episodes will be season 9 episode 4 (entitled The Obliged, premiering on October 28th) and season 9 episode 5 (entitled What Comes After, premiering on November 4th).

It’s worth remembering that those are the American release dates for AMC, and that the UK release on Fox always takes place the following day.

So, if you want to see exactly how Rick leaves the show, you’ll want to tune in next week and the week after to get the full story. It’ll be interesting to see whether he gets properly killed off, or if Rick receives a more ambiguous ending that could allow for a return later down the line.

Either way, we’ll be sure to keep you posted as we hear more.