The Walking Dead season 9: John Bernthal’s Shane will somehow return

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Jon Bernthal will make an appearance as Shane in The Walking Dead season 9, it’s been revealed.

Following rumours that Bernthal was spotted on set by fans, Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that the actor will be making an appearance as Shane in one episode of The Walking Dead season 9.

Shane was a cop buddy of Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes before the apocalypse went down, but once the zombie uprising hit, the pair clashed over their love of Lori and their vastly different leadership styles. Rick ultimately stabbed Shane through the heart, and Carl put a bullet in Shane’s brain when he returned as a zombie.

Shane is definitely dead, then, which means that his appearance in season 9 will have to be during a hallucination, a dream sequence, or some sort of flashback. Or perhaps, given that Rick is leaving the show this year, we’ll get to see him and Shane reunited in the afterlife somehow.

This isn’t Shane’s first posthumous cameo in The Walking Dead. Back in season 3, a hallucinating Rick imagined that one of the Woodbury soldiers was actually his old chum/rival. Perhaps we’ll see something similar this time around.

The Walking Dead will return in the autumn, and we’ll bring you all the latest updates as they come to light.